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  Q: What kind of infertility problems is the Chinese Medicine approach better suited for?
A: Physiological problems such as irregular menstruation, amenorrhoea, endometriosis, thin lining of the uterus, fibroids, endocrine function disorder, irregularity in the autoimmune system, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism and well as emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, etc. Chinese Medicine is also good for patients who have repeatedly failed in IVF, and also for those whose cause of infertility cannot be detected by Western Medicine.

Q: Can Chinese Medicine treat male infertility?
A: What works for females also works for males. The male patientís symptoms are analyzed and the root cause of his infertility is pinpointed. The Chinese Medicine approach is particularly good for males who have high sperm count but weak sperm motility or bad morphology. (The patient is requested to submit his most recent sperm report.)

Q: Is Chinese Medicine treatment safe?
A: Yes. Compared with Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine is safe and has no side effects. The herbal formula is prescribed in accordance with each patientís ownneeds.

Q: Should the patient continue with Chinese Medicine treatment after pregnancy is confirmed?
A: Those who have habitual miscarriages are highly recommended to continue with Chinese Medicine, because it is particularly effective for preventing miscarriages. Whatís more, herbs help reduce morning sickness, e.g. vomiting, tiredness.

Q: Is it safe for the patient to take Chinese herbal medicine after pregnancy? Are the herbs harmful to the embryo?
A: The patientís safety is assured when an experienced physician prescribes the right herbal formula and gives the right treatment. In fact, Chinese Medicine helps the pregnant woman to get stronger and make the fetus healthier. The key to your success is to find a doctor who has rich clinical experience and a strong educational background in Chinese Medicine.

Q: How long does it take for the treatment to take effect on the prevention of miscarriage?
A: Normally three months. The likelihood of a miscarriage on the part of a pregnant woman is extremely great in the first three months. The risk of a miscarriage is reduced considerably after the first three months. However, one should not take this as the absolute truth. Much depends on the individualís physical condition.

Q: What is the success rate of Chinese Medicine treatment to prevent miscarriage?
A: Over 90%.

Q: Does Chinese Medicine run into conflicted with IVF?
A: Chinese Medicine serves as an adjunct to IVF. Chinese Medicine improves the patentís condition and makes it favorable for the embryo to grow. Besides, Chinese Medicine helps offset the side effects of the drugs used in IVF, harmonize the autoimmune system and reduce the bodyís repellence to the embryo, which accounts for the 30% low success rate of IVF. However, its success rate can be greatly increased with the help of Chinese Medicine.

Q: How long should patients take Chinese Medicine for preparation before IVF?
A: Take the General Plan for two to three months in order to make your body receptive to the embryo.

Q: What is the success rate of Dr. Leeís treatment of infertility?
A: Her success rate is about 70%. The success rate is higher when Chinese Medicine and IVF or IUI are combined. Ultimately, Dr. Leeís success depends on the patientís age and on how closely the patient works with her in the execution of the treatment plan.

Q: Can people take Chinese Medicine treatment and Western Medicine treatment simultaneously?
A: Yes. Some people have to take Western Medicine treatment. (Hormone, IVF or IUI). However, if they take Chinese Medicine as a supplementary treatment simultaneously, chances of their success will increase tremendously. Dr. Lee is convinced that Chinese Medicine does help patients who do IVF or IUI and that the success rate is much higher for those who couple IVF or IUI with Chinese Medicine than for those who do without Chinese Medicine.

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