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Philosophy & Concepts
Dr. Lee’ Philosophy and Concepts

Pregnancy may be compared to planting a seed. Pregnancy is not possible if the human body is not in good condition. Any disorder of endocrine function, primary metabolism, thyroid function, blood circulation or mental tension or even the thinness/thickness of endometrium can adversely impact the quality of the sperm or egg and the development of the embryo.

We all know the sprouting of a seed requires appropriate soil fertility, water and temperature. If the human body has thyroid dysfunction, habitual fear of coldness, anemia, fatigue, low energy and poor blood circulation, the fertilized egg would cease to grow, just as a seed could not sprout when sown on barren soil and in freezing weather.

Conversely, if the human body has hyper thyroid, mental tension, anxiety, insomnia, fast heartbeat, high body temperature, the fertilized egg, faced with an over-heated and hyperactive condition, henceforth becomes unstable and miscarriage is bound to occur.

Many people can achieve conception which means having a fertilized egg but the fertilized egg cannot be nurtured. The embryo ceases to grow and miscarriage occurs. Some people mistake their early miscarriage as delayed menstruation. In fact, they can find out whether it is a case of delayed menstruation or a case of miscarriage by checking their own ovulation cycle.


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